Field Service

Field / Mobile Service

Omaha Pneumatic offers a range of services to address customer needs in the field.


Here are the key services provided:


Troubleshooting Service:

Your on-call experts are available to troubleshoot compressed air system issues on-site. They have the expertise to diagnose problems, identify the root causes of malfunctions, and propose effective solutions. This service helps minimize downtime by quickly resolving issues and getting the equipment back up and running.


Preventative Maintenance:

The Field Service Department also offers preventative maintenance services. This involves scheduled inspections, fluid analysis, cleaning, lubrication, and other proactive measures to identify and address potential issues before they lead to equipment failures. Preventative maintenance helps optimize equipment performance, extend its lifespan, and reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns.


Installation Service:

our experts are equipped to handle hydraulic system installations. Whether it’s a new system or an upgrade, they can install and configure the necessary components, ensuring proper integration and functionality. This service guarantees that the hydraulic system is correctly set up from the start, minimizing the risk of installation-related problems down the line.


Machine Upgrade & Retrofits:

The Field Service Department offers machine upgrade and retrofit services. This involves modifying existing equipment to enhance performance, efficiency, or safety. Upgrades can include installing new compressed air and piping systems as well as hydraulic components, improving control systems, or integrating advanced technologies. Retrofits involve replacing outdated or obsolete components with modern equivalents to extend the equipment’s lifespan and improve its capabilities.

By providing troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, installation, and machine upgrade/retrofit services, Omaha Pneumatic’s Field Service Department ensures that customers’ compressed air and hydraulic systems are properly maintained, repaired, and optimized in the field. The department’s rapid response, dedication to minimizing downtime, and perseverance in solving custom problems contribute to its reputation for reliable service.

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