Compressed Air Aluminum Pipe


We supply all the equipment needed to connect tools to the air source: blow guns (with or without an embedded plug), high pressure wash down guns, polyamide and polyurethane tubing, flexible shop hoses fitted with quick couplings, spiral hoses, hose clamps, balancers and hose reels compatible with air, water, grease and oil…

The 100% aluminum compressed air ring main Prevost Piping System was designed to be compact, light weight and durable enough to withstand the harshest operating conditions. 

Compressed Air Aluminum Pipe

Pipes and fittings for compressed air systems

Hose reels

Hoses and hose extension

Set hose extension

Spiral hose extension

Work stations

Blow guns

Tyre inflators

Wash guns for water systems

Pneumatic grease and oil pumps

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