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What's The Best Air Compressor Repair Service Omaha?

Whatever the warranty says, air compressors will show disturbance from time to time. How you repair or treat it will dictate its future health and productivity. 

That’s why we only suggest people rely on reputed service companies. If you live somewhere within the Midwest, Omaha Pneumatic Equipment Company (OPEC) might be the answer you are looking for.

 It’s been operating in Nebraska for quite a long time and has gained a loyal customer base. 

The team is experienced and really efficient at what they do. So, if you are spending money, at least make sure you are getting the best air compressor repair service in Omaha.

air compressor repair service omaha

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Air Compressor Services Available At Omaha Pneumatic

Here are the services available at Omaha Pneumatic in the form of industrial compressor service. Please keep in mind the size or power of your compressor doesn’t matter. 

Even a stationary air compressor used in tiny workshops will require small air compressor repair services Omaha from time to time.

Check out the common compressor issues and how to identify them at once. Don’t worry, though. We will do the diagnosis for you if you book us for a regular or preventive check-up.


Oil Change

The compressor oil can get dirty after a certain time. The sole purpose of the oil is to act as a lubricant and reduce metal-on-metal friction.

 However, upon accumulating debris, the oil can cause more abrasion. That’s why it’s a major maintenance rule to change the compressor oil periodically. 

We suggest you book an appointment with Omaha Pneumatic after every 3 months. Routine check-ups will ensure your compressor parts, especially the filter, don’t get permanently damaged due to dirty oil.


Filter Change

Just like the oil, the filtration system must be checked periodically. Once a year is fine if you are not using the compressor for landscaping purposes. What happens is over time, the filter gets jammed with impure particles or debris. 

As a result, the end supply of compressed air passed through the filter will not be free from such particles. It can damage the quality of products within the food and chemical industries.

 It’s a violation of the quality law imposed by ISO 8573-1. If it has been more than 1 year since you got the compressor, book your appointment with Omaha Pneumatic for a filter inspection and change.


Faulty Valve Service

Unlike the previous issues, a faulty valve doesn’t require a replacement. A quality check-valve should work for at least 5 years. 

In that case, if you notice the compressor is losing refrigerant faster than normal, call a trusted air compressor repair service in Omaha for the valve check.

 Our technicians will inspect the valve, clean any build-up, get rid of the corrosion, and lubricate it. This should fix the issue.


Air Compressor Rebuild Service

If you notice a sudden loss of productivity, there’s a high you are dealing with worn-out bearings and seals. Most of these cases require a thorough diagnosis and rebuild service.

 The cost of a compressor rebuild service is usually higher (25% to 50% of a full replacement). But luckily, at Omaha Pneumatic, our technicians first inspect the compressor’s condition. 

The final quote is fixed only after considering the extent of use, age, maintenance history, etc.


Motor Replacement

Motor failure is the eventual result of not maintaining the air compressor. Due to jammed debris, the motor tends to overheat while running. It slowly leads to permanent damage, demanding a replacement right away. 

However, replacing a motor requires professional monitoring. The new motor must be compatible with your industrial air compressor. 

Otherwise, no matter how good the motor is, the final outcome will disappoint you. Thankfully, Omaha Pneumatic provides supervision while choosing a replacement motor.


Pressure Switch Replacement

Just like every other part, the pressure switch also has an expiry date. And sometimes, due to humidity, corrosion, and dirt, this part wears down faster than expected. 

The switch is responsible for signaling the compressor to stop when the maximum PSI (pre-set) limit is crossed. 

At Omaha Pneumatic Equipment Company, we offer pressure switch replacement services, maintaining all the precautions.

Compressor Issue Symptoms Solution
Dirty Oil
Sudden motor failure, and overheat.
Inefficient Filter
Reduction in the compressed air quality
Faulty Valve
Compressor requiring higher than usual refrigerant and suction pressor
Cleaning up the valve
Damaged Air End
Too much noise and vibration while working
Air Compressor Rebuild Service
Damaged motor
Rattling or ticking noise, low and warm air flow.
Motor Replacement
Worn pressure switch
Compressor not stopping at maximum pressure bar.
Pressure Switch Replacement

Why Choose Omaha Pneumatic For Your Air Compressor Repair Service in Omaha?

Industrial air compressor repair is costly. There’s no way you should spend so much money on random air compressor service companies. 

The lifespan, productivity, and cost of administrating the compressor depend on the quality of its repair. 

Omaha Pneumatic Equipment Company stands out in all the factors that matter when choosing the best commercial air compressor service in the USA.

At Omaha Pneumatic, we hire passionate technicians who are willing to learn more to cope with the advancement in the air compressor service and repair field. 

Also, our technicians have to go through training from time to time to sharpen their skills. So that they can make quick diagnoses and help you accordingly. 

Besides, our team will advise you regarding air compressor maintenance and safe operation techniques. We are EPA-certified, indicating our efficiency in handling refrigerating systems at the industry standard. 

So, if you are looking for a reliable air compressor service technician, Omaha Pneumatic should be on your list.

The majority of services in this field require both new compressor parts and repair. It can be a hassle to pick a compatible replacement part. 

Keeping that in mind, Omaha Pneumatic features spare parts from top-notch brands like ELGi, CastAir, Rolair, etc. Tsunami filters and Van Dryers MHL, HL, and D series are some of the top picks from OPEC

Now, you can buy a new model, book repair appointments, and get the spare parts suggested during the air compressor service from one source. How convenient, isn’t it?

Omaha Pneumatic believes in prevention more than repair. If you can maintain your air compressor properly, it will help you save the cost of buying replacement parts. For that, our regular check-up teams are always ready.

 Just call 402-331-6311 to book an appointment. The same goes for an emergency. 

If your compressor suddenly fails, putting your production at a halt, our team of experts, with the help of advanced tools, figure out the issue and instruct you accordingly.

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