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Air compressor rental Omaha, NE

Which Is The Best Company For Air Compressor Rental Omaha?

The best company to provide services air compressor rental Omaha should obtain certain qualities. First of all, you can’t neglect its credibility or reputation among the customers.

For example, Omaha Pneumatic has been standing tall with its loyal customer base for 20 years. Another thing to look for is the range in the collection. Is the company only selling one or two brands? Then, you are limiting your options. 

Omaha Pneumatic takes care of that matter very well. You will find all the industry-leading compressor brands under one roof.  ELGi, FsCurtis, Deltech, and Chicago Pneumatic are some of the brands you will encounter here. Each brand excels at something. So, you have a wider range of choices in front of you.

Lastly, Omaha Pneumatic carries out Air compressor repair services through a highly professional and certified team. So, the experts here know exactly what you need by your side. 

If you live in the Midwest part of the USA, consider checking out Omaha Pneumatic, our rental air compressor company, one of the best air compressor renting companies in your area.

What To Consider Before Renting Air Compressors From Omaha Pneumatic?

If your project is large-scale, you should also option for a large air compressor rental service in Omaha. But that statement is often vague and confusing. Let’s clarify the exact things you need to check out.


CFM Rating

Cubic Feet Per Minute or CFM rating is the most important thing to consider before renting an air compressor. In layman’s terms, CFM equals output. 

The higher the CFM rating, the more volume of compressed air you get. But if you want to get more technical, CFM means the volume of air per cubic feet the machine can handle in a minute. 

So, if the rating is 5 CFM, it means the compressor can move or let out 5 cubic feet of air each minute.



Where is your work site? Is it a fixed factory or a workshop? Or do you constantly move from one site to another? 

If the second scenario is true, a lightweight and probably portable air compressor should be your priority. These compressors can easily be driven through rough terrains without any issue. 


Air Quality

Factories that produce medicine or packaged food must obtain certain quality assurance certificates from the authority. And one of the requirements to get the license is class-0 air quality. 

This means the air inside the lab should be free from oil vapor. That’s why investing in an oil-cooled air compressor is a Big No. The rising hype of electric air compressor rental and repair services is proof that people have become aware of the importance of air quality inside the production facility.

Types Of Air Compressors You Can Rent From Omaha Pneumatic

Looking for an industrial air compressor rental Omaha pneumatic company with durable options? Or, you might be searching for a small air compressor rental company because your workshop doesn’t require a bulky beast.  Don’t worry, at Omaha Pneumatic, we have both. Here are the 4 types of air compressors Omaha Pneumatic Equipment Company rents.


Reciprocating Air Compressors

If your concern is energy efficiency, a double-stage reciprocating air compressor on rent must be on your list. Whether you are looking for a small compressor for your wood shop or a beast to support a factory, reciprocating air compressors can serve both purposes. 

In Omaha Pneumatic, we have options like the CT series (FsCurtis) for mid-range work to the ML series for that extra push.


Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Industries that need a constant supply of compressed air rely on a rotary screw air compressor. For example, the FsCurtis NX series 4-15 Kw from our rotary screw air compressors rental service is meant for a lighter workload. While the RS series 15 to 300 HP is built to support heavy-work industries.


Tow Behind Air Compressor

Are you a contractor who needs to carry a compressor wherever he goes? Then, instead of the stationary options, you should check out our tow-behind air compressor rental option featuring the ELGi GP 35FP. It’s highly recommended if your work involves fiber optic cables.

Another small yet powerful option is the ELGi GP 75. We mostly recommend it for vehicle maintenance


Oil-Free Air Compressors

Industrial compressors using oil are known for polluting the air to a certain extent. An oil-free air compressor can save your products from being contaminated and get rejected by the quality control team. 

The FsCurtis ECO Scroll and the ELGI AB series are the top picks in the oil-free air compressor rental service industry.

Our Rental Air Compressor Brands

The number of brands you can explore also determines whether you should choose a air compressor rental Omaha pneumatic company. Check out the air compressor brands and the specific models you can rent from Omaha Pneumatic.



Our most extensive collection is from FsCurtis, and for good reasons. The Nx, NxHE, along with the RS-series rotary screw air compressors, fit even the most challenging industry environment. 

As for the reciprocating air compressors, Fs-Curtis shines through its CT, CA, And ML series. In case you’re concerned about air vapor, Omaha Pneumatic can rent you oil-free alternatives like the Eco Scroll or Eco Turbo from none other than Fs-Curtis.




ELGi excels in the portable or tow-behind air compressor industry. The D90KA or GP 75 from ELGi would be perfect for your always-on-the-go projects. 

There’s a lot of hype among customers regarding the oil-free and sustainable air compressor version from ELGi, known as the AB series. Apart from these, you can also rent rotary screw air compressors from ELGi’s EN or EG series.



Castair focuses more on durability. So, you can rely on the machine for a long time despite the heavy workload. No doubt, the air ends come with a lucrative warranty as well.  At Omaha Pneumatic, we have a versatile list of industrial reciprocating and rotary air compressors from CastAir. In case it helps, the air compressors are 100% duty cycle.

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